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Retailers' profitability and competitiveness are made in promotions. Aptaris is the world's leader.

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Retailers' current challenge:

Promotional planning is chaos.

  • Better Marketing

    Keeping Up with Change

    Trade funds are falling through the cracks

  • Better Merchandising

    Best-Guess Merchandising

    Decisions based on old plans and intuition

  • Non-Integrated Technology

    Non-Integrated Technology

    Each department uses their own system

  • Costly Errors

    Costly Errors

    Manual processes result in expensive mistakes


Retailers' New Solution:

Integrate promotional activities in one place.

  • Increase Promotional Funding

    Increase Promotional Funding

    Optimize vendor negotiations to accept more deals

  • Share Single-Truth Data

    Share Single-Truth Data

    Data is complete and always up-to-date

  • Empower Your Competitiveness

    Empower Your Competitiveness

    Make profitable decisions with evidence-based performance data

  • Manage Marketing Easier

    Manage Marketing Easier

    Offers stream directly into ads—no rekeying

About Aptaris

We want to save retail and keep you in business. Built by retailers for retailers, Aptaris is the world leader in enterprise promotions management software. By automating, integrating and optimizing all the promotions processes in one place, we bring order to retailers' promotional chaos, which dramatically increases profitability and competitiveness—delivering ROI more than 900% over 3 years.

  • Increase promotional funding

    Tougher competition. Thinner margins. Keeping up with change. Aptaris automates your promotional management system in one system, delivering real profitability.

    Support efforts to increase promotional funding
  • Empower your competitiveness

    Execute deals like the big retailers – integrated and efficient. One-click, customizable reports let you know what works and what doesn't, so you can make more profitable decisions.

    Improve promotional decision-making
  • Share single truth data

    With Aptaris, data is housed in one place – not merged from multiple sources. So your company's promotional data has a single truth that's always accurate, complete and up-to-date.

    Manage marketing efforts easier
  • Manage marketing efforts easier

    House all your ad templates in Aptaris, then populate with offers and assets in just a few clicks. And by streaming offers directly into ads without re-keying, you save time, headaches, and finally reveal your ROI.

    Speed up marketing material production and reduce mistakes

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